2020 Popularity Poll

The online version of the 2020 Popularity Poll is located here: https://daylilies.org/PopPoll. Please note that this year's online poll DOES allow for up to 10 write in votes.

How it works: You must be an AHS member to vote. You may vote for up to 10 cultivars (any combination of checkbox votes and write-ins).

Alternately, you may email your selections to rich.crider@icloud.com or print and mail the ballot below. Your ballot must be postmarked prior to September 1. Your email must be dated no later than August 31.

Printable Ballot: https://ahsregion3.plantfans.com/files/ahsregion3/0/00/00/21/1590148508/2020_REGION_3_POPULARITY_POLL_BALLOT.pdf

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