2020 Regional Meeting - CANCELLED!

Dear Region 3 Member:

It will come as no surprise to you that the Region 3 summer meeting is being cancelled. Although the Virginia governor has announced he hopes to lift travel restrictions on June 10, the outlook is still uncertain. It could be that there will still be guidance from health officials to avoid large gatherings.

This decision was made jointly by Paulette Miller, chair of the regional, Regional President Jerry Bange and Regional Director, Kathleen Schloeder. Another factor is the amount of notice that has to be given to the rental companies for the tent, food and porta-potties, as well as the hotel, in order not to incur any major financial losses to RADS or the Region in the event of cancellation.

We deeply appreciate all of the work that RADS members, the garden owners, and Paulette and her family have put into planning for this event. As members who have had our gardens on tours before, we know how much hard work and investment goes into preparing for a summer regional.

For those of you who have registered already, a full refund will be sent to you. Don’t forget to cancel your hotel reservations.

We hope to welcome you to our Lilyhemmer fall meeting in Harrisburg in October. In the meantime, stay safe and be well.

Paulette Miller
President, RADS

Jerry Bange
Regional President

Kathleen Schloeder
Regional Director

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