Southern Cross Garden, McMurray Pennsylvania


Southern Cross Garden, McMurray Pennsylvania

Southern Cross Garden, in its current McMurray location, began with about 200 daylilies transplanted during a Western Pennsylvania drought thirty years ago. Currently there are about four times as many daylilies with some of the original stock kept for sentimental reasons. The collection includes cultivars of Region Three hybridizers, especially deceased PIDS members Dan Tau, John Yonski, and Bob Loughry, who were mentors of the Rowles family. Favorite active hybridizers include Herrington, Trimmer, Pierce, Gossard, Kirchhoff, and Morss. Larry has planted many specimen trees including a dawn redwood, stewartia, fringe tree, and four varieties of beech. All of the beds are interplanted with spring blooming daffodils. The beds are lined with mini iris and a collection of over 75 different heuchera. There is an area of miniature hosta in troughs inhabited by a colony of gnomes. Butterflies are encouraged to inhabit the garden by the planting of butterfly-friendly plant material; honey bees can be seen gathering pollen from the many tall, rust-colored summer blooming foxgloves. The centrally located fountain is a water source for the birds that frequent the yard throughout the year. A gazebo welcomes the garden visitor to sit, relax, and enjoy the beauty and tranquility of Southern Cross Garden.

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