Forth Street Garden, Monongahela PA


Forth Street Garden, Monongahela PA

The one acre garden of Jack and Jan Enos is located at the foot of a hill as you descend Fourth Street into Monongahela, PA. They moved to this location from Finleyville less than ten years ago to make room for Jack’s hobby. Currently there are over 800 daylily cultivars with the majority being less than 5 – 6 years old. At least 25 different hybridizers are represented in this count with a large collection from Jamie Gossard. Jack currently has six introductions with half of them named for special PIDS members or their relatives.
The backyard garden is located at the crest of a hill with a gazebo as a focal point. In the spring over 100 named daffodil varieties welcome spring and hide in the flower beds once it is time for the daylilies to bloom. There are several unusual trees including a weeping Siberian pea bush, weeping redbud, weeping larch, and a twisted white pine. A fountain water feature, engraved stones, metal pieces, and a lovely fused glass birdbath created by Jan, whose hobby is fused glass art, are carefully placed in their garden. Be on the lookout for the unique gnome/fairy display. Perhaps the family dogs, Rocky and Rico, will greet you when you visit the Enos garden.

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